Pawnee Brave

The Piper PA-36 Pawnee Brave is a 1970s American single-engined, low-wing, propeller driven
agricultural aircraft (Crop Duster) built by The Piper Aircraft Corp. In more recent years it has also been
used in the Forest Fire Fighting role and as a tow plane for gliders and banners. This single seat aircraft
has a top speed of around 116kt, cruising speed of 113kt, spraying speed range is 87 to 104kt. It has an
initial rate of climb of 550ft/min, with a service ceiling of around 15,000ft but usually operates only a
few feet off the ground. With little to no margin for error, Duster Pilots are indeed a special bread.
About 938 have been built. This forgotten workhorse of an aircraft may finally be getting it's long
deserved recognition as the "Hero" in Disney's animated movie "PLANES".

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