X-29 Park Jet

The Grumman X-29 Park Jet was an experimental aircraft built to test the performance of the forward swept wing concept.
Only Two of the real X-29's were ever built, for NASA. With wings swept back- wards (as is the norm)
the air flows along the leading edge of the wing and travels outward to the wing tips. This reduces the lift somewhat.
The idea was if you reverse the sweep of the wing, forward, then the air would still travel down the leading edge of the wing
but now would flow towards the planes' body (or main core of the wing) increasing the lift.
Unfortunately the Canard up front deflected, or disrupted the flow of air over the main wing attributing to the planes'
inherent instability. Even with this inherent flawed flight characteristic, the X-29 was one of the worlds fastest Jets
achieving nearly Mach 2. The X-29's only flew a total of 243 times. Both are currently on display in museums.

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