Starship Enterprise

The Starship Enterprise is a fictional interstellar Spaceship made popular by the Television Series "Star Trek".
First appearing on September 8th, 1966 it's five year mission was to go where no man had gone before.
Commanded by Captain James T. Kirk, the Enterprise took us all to worlds beyond our imagination
and help create a cult phenomenon of "Trekkies" that has lasted for decades. Originally conceived by
Gene Roddenberry, his Star Trek series was inspired by Westerns such as "Wagon Train" and was modeled
on Jonathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels", (intending each episode to act on two levels: as a suspenseful
adventure story and as a morality tale). Star Trek is also noted for its influence on the world outside of
science fiction. It has been cited as an inspiration for several technological inventions such as the cell phone.
Moreover, the show is noted for its progressive civil rights stances.

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